On-Stage KS8291 Rental

On-Stage KS8291 Rental

Product Description

The pro-level On-Stage Stands KS8291 Heavy-Duty Deluxe X ERGO-LOK Keyboard Stand is built and styled for demanding musicians. Super heavy-duty tubing and welded construction support up to 320 lb. double-X frame allows height adjustment from 27-39 in. and width adjustment from 11-30 in.

Uses ERGO-LOK technology for ease of use. The ERGO-LOK system includes an ergonomic trigger, an internal rod mechanism, and a solid steel spring-loaded deadbolt assembly. Uses dual sheer disk plates and heavy-duty deadbolt for superior stability.


  • Large-format keyboards
  • Supports up to 320 lb.
  • 1-1/8 in. tubing
  • Height adjusts from 27- 39 in.
  • Width adjusts from 12- 32 in.
  • ERGO-LOK system
  • Welded construction

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