43" Quad Mounted TV Screen Rental

43" Quad Mounted TV Screen Rental

Product Description

This standard resolution Insignia 43" TV & stand bundle is ideal for visual reinforcement during small group presentations or other corporate events. This bundle includes an Insignia Smart TV display and a XL tripod stand to mount the TV onto securely along with a 25' HDMI cable. You can display content with up to 1080p (Full HD) Resolution via HDMI. and the display is easy to pan for angled installs. 43" flat screen smart TV, Full HD resolution, 2 HDMI Inputs + Includes Media Player that supports MP4 videos & Jpeg Images

Included with this Product:

  • Insignia 43" TV
  • Insignia 43" TV1 Units
  • Truss TV Rig
  • Truss TV Rig 1 Units
  • Short HDMI Cable
  • Short HDMI Cable1 Units
  • HDMI Media Player
  • HDMI Media Player1 Units
  • Quadpod/XL Tripod
  • Quadpod/XL Tripod 1 Units

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