ProX T-LPS600B Laptop Stand Rental

ProX T-LPS600B Laptop Stand Rental

Product Description

The ProX T-LPS600B Collapsible and Portable Laptop stand, Includes Shelf and Carry Bag is an essential tool for the traveling DJ or Musician. Most DJ booths and performance venues were not designed to accommodate a laptop, which creates a hassle for the DJ in many places.

Deceptively simple at first glance, but quickly gives you perfect placement of your laptop in any DJ booth, without sacrificing sturdiness of the stand. Weighing only 3 pounds, the ProX T-LPS600B design is capable of supporting the weight of not only the heaviest laptop but also accommodates the largest CDJ, midi controller, EFX/Drum machines or lighting controller. The ProX T-LPS600B can alleviate many space issues. Folded flat, the ProX T-LPS600B is the perfect travel companion to your laptop. Unfolded, its striking industrial design comes to life and safely elevates your laptop above your work.


  • Heavy-duty All Metal Construction - Aircraft Grade Aluminum & Stainless Steel
  • Stable, rugged laptop stand for use by DJs and musicians
  • Lightweight and small form factor when folded makes it practical to carry around
  • Saves space on the work surface by lifting laptop above it
  • Assemble or dismantle easily
  • Carrying bag included
  • Affordable and portable
  • Folding style
  • BLACK Color


  • Exterior Dimensions & Weight : 1.00"H x 12.00"W x 13.00"L - Weight: 3.00 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions & Weight : Box 1 of 1: 2.00"H x 12.00"W x 13.00"L - Shipping Weight: 4.00 lbs

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