DSan PC 433 MINI Rental

DSan PC 433 MINI Rental

Product Description

Perfect Cue Mini is a compact version of PerfectCue. It has the same exceptional RF performance and contains two onboard USB ports through which it may draw AC power.

PerfectCue Mini easily fits into a laptop carrying case. It is compatible with all of the PerfectCue transmitters and may connect to other PerfectCue Minis, PerfectCues or any of our cue light accessories via Cat5 or XLR cable.
Size is a mere 5.7″ x 1.1″ x 3.0″ and has a 300 foot range.

Not only is the DSan PerfectCue Mini the broadcast industries most popular light and sound signaling system, it is also the missing ingredient to the success of your next presentation or production! It enables a speaker to send cues to a projectionist for "next", "back" and "blank" using a wireless hand-held actuator. It can also remotely control presentation apps such as PowerPoint on two computers simultaneously when they are connected to the USB ports.The computers "see" PerfectCue as a standard USB keyboard and require no special drivers. The actual keystrokes can be customized with a free app. By default, the keystrokes are "right arrow," "left arrow" and "b." These correspond to the green, red and yellow cue lights or the "Forward," "Back" and "Screen Blank" buttons on the transmitter.

PerfectCue responds quickly and reliably to commands from the transmitter. Additional cue lights can be interconnected with with Cat 5 or XLR cable and can trigger each other. Multiple cue light transmitter pairs can operate independently on separate communication channels. In Out 4-pin XLR jacks enable cue light sounds to be overlayed onto beltpack intercomm communications.

Perfect for use in:
Live Events
Houses Of Worship


  • Remotely control presentation software via keyboard commands delivered through two USB ports and maintain mouse functionality.
  • Connect multiple cue lights via Cat 5 or XLR cable, only one unit requires power.
  • Connect hand-held actuator for hard-wire backup.
  • Plays1 cue sound through speaker or headphone jack.
  • Match cue light and transmitter communications on selectable channels so that cue lights can be used in adjacent rooms.

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