Chauvet Hurricane 1101 Fogger Rental

Chauvet Hurricane 1101 Fogger Rental

Product Description

Chauvet Hurricane 1101 Fogger is a water-based fogger with a 1.3-liter (0.3 gallon) tank and takes only five minutes to heat up. It features a low-fluid indicator and automatic shutdown. A wired remote is also included.
  • Compact and lightweight fog machine emits thick bursts of water-based fog to fill a venue within minutes

  • Advanced fluid sensor, with automatic shut-off which protects your pump from overheating

  • Features a 1.3 l tank capacity and quick 5-minute heat-up time for an output of 8,000 cfm

  • Easily control using the manual fog button or included wired remote

  • Enhance operation and safety with the LED-illuminated tank

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